Trained at South Merton College, London in musical instrument making and repair, I started making mandolins for folk musician friends. Now retired, I have set up a fully equipped workshop and can make instruments of the mandolin family such as mandolins, mandolas, celtic bouzoukis, citterns, and even the odd guitar! I also carry out repairs and restorations, setups, refretting and reconditioning. I make instruments to order, hand-made to your specifications and design. You can select your wood types, inlays, tuners, frets and action. It takes around 2-3 months to build an instrument, and I like to meet potential buyers to discuss design and requirements. Prices start from around £400 for mandolins, to £600 for mandolas and bouzoukis and £1000 for 10-string citterns.

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Mandolin Luthier: Mandolins Mandolas & Citterns